How do I delete a user?

How do I delete a user?

Megan Sullivan

Sometimes, you might need to remove a user (builder, client, or trade partner) from the system. Deleting or deactivating a user will prevent them from logging in and will stop all notifications from going out.

Deleting a builder user

Contacts > Team Members

Any Admin user can delete a team member. Simply select "Delete" from the ellipse menu ("...") next to the team member. When you delete a builder user, you will be prompted to reassign that builder’s outstanding tasks to a different user.


*If the builder user you need to delete is an admin user, you will need to contact and let us know which user it is you need to delete so we can remove their Admin access so you can delete them from the system.

Deleting a trade partner user

Contacts > Trade Partners > Click on the trade partner’s nickname

On the Trade Partner’s detail page, you will see the option to “Delete” at the bottom. In order to keep an accurate paper trail any trade partner with completed tasks or comments in the system cannot be completely removed from your Trade Partner list. Instead you will be able to “deactivate” the user. Deactivated trade partners will be shown in gray at the bottom of your Trade Partner list, but they will no longer be able to log in, all notifications will be turned off and they will automatically be removed from your work lists. When you remove a trade partner user, you will be prompted to reassign any outstanding tasks to another user.


Deleting a client

Project Setup Page

Clients will only have access to their project after you add them to a project. If you want to completely remove the client from a project you will head to the Project Setup page. Under the Clients section you will click the three dots at the top right corner and see a link to "Remove".

If you need to temporarily suspend client access you can just uncheck the box for "Login." This will ensure that your client is unable to log into the site or receive email updates.


Additional Items of Note

  • Any completed task, comment, message, job log entry, etc. that the user posted while they were active will remain in the system as part of CoConstruct’s paper trail.
  • Deleting a user does not remove them from your Contacts. For more information on how users and contacts are connected, check out this article.
  • If you are deleting a user in order to change their user type, you will then want to contact Support. Learn more.