What financials can my client see from my estimate?

What financials can my client see from my estimate?

Amber Harlow

Your clients will not be able to view the Project Estimate tab directly, but since the estimate information is fully integrated throughout CoCconstruct, you can expect certain information from your estimate to be visible to your clients elsewhere. 

Fixed Price Projects

On Fixed Price projects, your clients will not see any of your internal costs or budgets that you are entering on the estimate.

Their view of the fiancials will be limited to viewing the project's base price, along with allowances or client prices for any lines on the estimate that correspond with selection items. The allowances and client prices that are visible to them are the same amounts that are visible on your view of selection sheet, and these can be built or updated from the estimate page.

Any financials that you add or import to the "Other Line Items" section at the bottom of your estimate will not be visible to your clients on the selection sheet in any fashion.

Note: While it is not common, CoConstruct does allow you to share the budget with clients on Fixed Price projects if you so choose. This is not enabled by default, but be aware that sharing the budget with your clients will let them see much more than just the allowance and client pricing. Sharing the budget will make this project much more of an "Open Book" structure regarding your clients' visibility, as described below.


Open Book Projects

For any specification or selection items that you've added or tweaked on the estimate, your clients will be able to view all of the same financials on the Selection Sheet.

Any lines that you add or import to your estimate that aren't linked to your selection sheet will show up at the bottom of your estimate as "Other Line Items". Financial details for these "Other Line Items" will not be visible on the selection sheet, but they may be visible if you've given your clients access to the Budget tab.

If you give your clients access to the Budget tab as well, they'll be able to view these financials on the budget, organized by accounting code, just like your team's view of the budget.



You are also able to mark the financials for selections as TBD.

While selections are marked TBD, you are still able to enter cost or markup data, but these financials will not be visible to your clients. On the Expenses & Approvals page, calculations for the total of the project will skip any items that are TBD, effectively treating those items as $0.

When you finish pricing out those TBD items, remember to uncheck the "Show as TBD" option. That will then make the pricing visible to your clients, and will ensure that the Expenses & Approvals calculations are all as accurate as can be.

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