Product Updates from October 26, 2020

Digest Update

Our product team is always working on enhancing the software to make your life easier, and we want to make sure you know all about it. 

New for the Week of October 26th:

Directly tag users who really need to know the details

Want to tag users directly in a message or a comment?

Now you can tag another user on any comment or message to keep them in the loop. Simply type the @ symbol and select the user you'd like to mention from the list. Learn more

Recap communications from the day before via email

Want to quickly recap all discussions from the previous day?

Now you can receive once-per-day emails recapping all the discussions from the previous day, broken down by project and item. To get these, simply adjust your notification preferences for this + other emails in your personal settings. Learn more

Eliminate notification overload for your clients

Want to keep your clients informed about what’s going on but prevent notification overload? 

Cut out the noise by customizing your client’s instant alert email options tailored to their communication preferences. Choose to notify clients about new comments, messages, change orders, selection choices, file upload, or photo upload -- all independently from each other. Read more

Add your company logo and colors for a custom experience

Want to personalize your account to reflect your brand?

Now you can customize your branding with just a few clicks. Go to Settings in the main navigation and click on Custom Branding to customize your account with your company colors and logos. Read more.

*Available only to Plus plan customers

Include financing options anywhere

Want to present your clients with competitive financing options that can be secured in as little as a day?

Now you can offer your clients financing options anywhere. Go to the Project Setup page and click Copy Link in the Project Financing section to find your unique link. Send that link in a message, comment, change order, or anywhere else you communicate with clients. When they click on it, they'll be directed to LightStream's (our financing partner) website to learn more and apply. Read more.
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